Looking out the Window

In any given day, I like to spend a moment enclosed  in my mental abode, peering out the small, glass window.  There, roaming through the countryside, exist a number of dreams I've long sought or passively considered.  It is a greener pasture, though largely removed from my habitat.  Sometimes it is nice to just cozy myself on a windowsill, perched silently as I take in my surroundings; a place where time looses its hold on my feeble existence.

Unfortunately for such day dreaming, my office space is in a basement room with no windows or doors.

Comic Books and Captain America

Here's another secret for you, but I'll be charging for the next.  I know less about comic books than others might have you believe.

Yes, I'll spare a moment so catch you breath, it was written here first.  My knowledge of comic books is rather limited.

It all started out with random assortment packs of comics my parents would lug home from Costco (or was it Fedco back then?).  My sister and I would pilfer the assorted goods, find parts three of six or issue numbers in the hundreds.  Any semblance of timeline was lost on us, but for mostly good reason.  We didn't care.  In fact, I barely read them and looked mostly at the pictures.  I didn't care who X-Factor team was, or what was going on in the latest Mickey Mouse comic.  I liked Daredevil for the glossy red cover, though I would never have imagined he was blind.

Then Marvel brought their series to the animated world, and suddenly I was caught up on the ins and outs of X-Men.  I would delve through the monastery that Nightcrawler hailed from, always wondering if he would ever find his real mom (spoilers: he does).  I would watch the Phoenix saga, and wonder how anyone could possibly stop Apocalypse (progenitor of the "Mutant Virus").  It didn't matter that certain elements were changed from their comic book origins, but now I was thrust into a new world.

The same would happen with Spider-Man, as well as DC heroes Batman and Superman (though these two held less to pre-established story lines, or so I am led to believe).  Suddenly, I had enough knowledge to get a Geek permit and later received the highly regarded Nerd license (more on account of my vast experience with video games).  From here, I was established enough to carry myself through most any intellectual, yet socially awkward, topic of conversation.

Fast forward a few years, and I've striven to reeducate myself in this field.  Thanks to the increase of comic book movie adaptations (and the greater resource at large known as Wikipedia), it's fairly easy to introduce oneself to the medium at large (if you can wade through the plethora of options available).  Speaking of which, I even have a somewhat recent addition to my collection courtesy of her.

I leave it in the plastic when I'm not flipping through its pages; a phenomena that never seems to leave her without mocking me (or claim I don't appreciate the gift).  I simply like my things neat and orderly, and free of wrinkles and page creases and all those other little things that annoy me when a book gets well read mistreated.

In the same vein, Marvel released their trailer for the upcoming Captain America movie, and I find myself waiting with anticipation.  I've included it below, incase you have yet to see it.  Personally, I think Chris Evans will do a good job as Steve Rogers but feel free to weigh in.

My Secret Place

Shhh, let me share with you a secret.

At times, I like to hide away.  You see, I have my own personal timeshare in the back of my mind.  One in which I have the luxury of running away to at a moment's notice.  There's no other tenant, save for old dreams and cobwebs and a comfy, rustic chair perfect for reading and thinking.  In fact, I own more of it than I might like to admit.

It's accessibility is a comfort, though perhaps also a curse.  With ease I slip from public view, into a world far away.  Behind watchful eyes and ears, I sit secluded with my thoughts.  My artist's table here is full of many ideas, while my typewriter is curiously perched next to a trash bin full of copy.  But most of all, here the inner turnings of my brain are strung out like laundry needing to dry.

I've made trips while at work, or simply while at home.  At parks, and plays, and some beach days, I have stepped aside to my shaded abode.  Sometimes boredom encourages me to move, and sometimes emotions will urge me to leave.  Unexpectedly-unmet expectations can also find me rapping on my own door, where I retire my presence for a while.

At times, it is a benefit for me to have this alcove of my own.  Here I spread my creativity like seeds and water them, waiting to see how they grow.  Their roots may become entwined and breed new ideas, budding in different seasons.  On more despairing occasions, I bottle emotions like forbidden wines never to be opened or sampled.  Vintages most terrible and abused, though something seems to unseal them from time to time.  They always have a way of unsettling her.

A product of younger years, my hideaway is never far but there are days I wish it were.  And then there are days where I go to my secret place.

Chasing the Wind

I have this really bad habit of sailing my ship to the whim of changing winds.  It's not something intentional, and I'm sure it drives her crazy.  One week I might be raving up and down about a particular project, item I am considering buying, or game I would like to play.  Maybe it's a product of my "boyness," or perhaps I'm irreversibly, attentively disordered.

I also like words.

Personally, I perceive my willfulness as an extension of my empty-headedness or maybe it was thick-headedness.  Largely, I apply myself poorly... if at all.  A lazy mind, is afterall, the devil's plaything.

For example, I love to visit blogs and websites on a myriad of topics.  Pick a week, and it might be a new topic.  Or it might be one I previously read about and am returning to.  I stopped reading political blogs for awhile, but then I started covering video game news.  After that, I moved on to board gaming sites, while ultimately resuming my political readerships.

And though I enjoy sharing my sea-faring tales, one day I hope to find an anchor.