Chasing the Wind

I have this really bad habit of sailing my ship to the whim of changing winds.  It's not something intentional, and I'm sure it drives her crazy.  One week I might be raving up and down about a particular project, item I am considering buying, or game I would like to play.  Maybe it's a product of my "boyness," or perhaps I'm irreversibly, attentively disordered.

I also like words.

Personally, I perceive my willfulness as an extension of my empty-headedness or maybe it was thick-headedness.  Largely, I apply myself poorly... if at all.  A lazy mind, is afterall, the devil's plaything.

For example, I love to visit blogs and websites on a myriad of topics.  Pick a week, and it might be a new topic.  Or it might be one I previously read about and am returning to.  I stopped reading political blogs for awhile, but then I started covering video game news.  After that, I moved on to board gaming sites, while ultimately resuming my political readerships.

And though I enjoy sharing my sea-faring tales, one day I hope to find an anchor.


  1. I am looking forward to following your blog and I'm excited that my enjoyment of your dry humor and quick wit is no longer limited to just church related social gatherings.

  1. Hi Andrea, I'm glad to have you onboard my blogging adventure! Thanks for the follow and I followed you back (though to be honest, I was already somewhat lurking on all the church ladies' blogs).

    I hope you continue to enjoy it!

  1. LOL, "lurking on all the church ladies' blogs"!

    I love it!!

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