Greener Pastures

One of my many secret identities is a bit greener than I'd like to admit.

Where men are excelling and women are achieving, look out below.  When accomplishments are recorded and successes are garnered, never fear... the Green Monster is here!  Lurking behind every blogger, hiding behind your Facebook page, and peering over your garden fence.  No achievement is too small to be envied!  No award is too insignificant to be desired!

Sure, he may not have a bat-signal, but there's emerald in his eyes.  If you'd ask her, she might feign ignorance about my lesser, masked villain hero's existence.  Unfortunately, his presence is insured when the grass is looking green.

The dreaded "J" word does linger incessantly over me.  And while I'd rather be writing about some infernal Jell-o addiction, I must admit I'm blogging about the eight-letter variety (no it's not jaundice).  Jealousy.

The truth is I'm easily envious, deliriously jealous, and charitably chartreuse.  It doesn't take much to bring out this side of me you don't want to make me angry, and it always rears its petulant face.  I'm sure it stems from some deeper aspect of my self that I have yet to scratch the surface of (read: come back tomorrow for a new blog post that ties in to this one!).


  1. "(no it's not jaundice)" = LOLLZ

    Dude, you should be a writer. Seriously.

  1. Thanks! I actually do some writing in my side time (when I'm not busy pursuing other side time things).

  1. you should keep it up!

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