Confessions of a Cat-aholic

I have a confession to make.

Sometimes I sing to my cats.  Sure, I bet there are many other feline fans who do likewise.  But I take it to a-whole-nother level.

I change the lyrics of  popular songs to be about cats (and sometimes specifically my cats).  Hopefully, these lyrics say more about my cats then it does about my music preferences.  Some examples include, but are certainly not limited to...

I'd catch a toy mouse for ya,
Rub my hand through your fur for ya,
I'd chase you 'round the whole house for ya,
You know I'd do anything for ya
(Bruno Mars, "Grenade")

Cause baby, you're a cu----te kitten! Come on, show them your fur mittens!
Make them go aw-aw-aw, as you snuggle cross their lap-lap-lap!
(Katy Pery, "Firework")

All the single kitties (all the single kitties), put your paw up (up), up in the house (house), gonna go lay in the sun...
If you like it, then you should put catnip on it,
If you like it, then you should put catnip on it
(Beyonce, "Single Ladies")

She take my lap, when I'm in need,
Yeah, she's a purrin' friend indeed.
She's a small kitty, cute as can be
And she digs on me...
Now I ain't saying, she's a gold kitty...
(Kanye West, "Gold Digger")

Now, I do sometimes come up with original songs, but radio tunes are the things I most often catch myself singing to one of my furry companions.  However, I may be broaching even new depths heights, as I recently caught myself quoting famous poems (with interjected "cat-tations").

Let's just say, it's a good thing that Edgar isn't alive to hear my rendition of "The Raven."  Though it was certainly amusing to her.

While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As if some kitty gently rapping, scratching at my linens' door

To which I replied, "Nevermore!"


  1. Oh my goodness this is so weird. Dave sings songs to Bogart like this too! Of course, they're not nearly as creative as yours, but I laugh at them nonetheless. I think the Single Kitties is my favorite.

    Also, did you know that Poe is my favorite? If you re-wrote The Raven, I would TOTALLY recite it to Bogart.

  1. Dogs may be man's best friend, but Cats are certainly man's best muse.

    I didn't know that Poe is your favorite, that's cool! I haven't quite rewritten the entirety of the poem, only that small snippet came to mind when a curious kitten was trying to get into something she shouldn't. But perhaps, I'll consider this a challenge! :)

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