The Incredible Shrinking Paycheck

This past weekend, I discovered that may most recent deposit was... smaller than I would've liked.  In fact, it was smaller than I had anticipated.  To put it frankly, the revelation was depressing.

But while it's easy to get caught up watching the black ink going down, it's important to remember the bigger picture.  While I'll admit that I don't envy myself for the job I currently hold, there have been some significant benefits from my current employment (despite what may appear to be diminished returns).  Here is just a sampling:

  • My job has given me a job (which is surprisingly more significant than unemployment)
  • My job has provided the three things I desired before getting engaged:
    • A job (see how handy these things are?)
    • Health and Dental Insurance
    • Money for rent
  • My job has granted a large discount graduate tuition for her
  • My job has supplied multiple venues (and incentives) for carpooling
  • My job has a good environment
  • And more...

It's important I never forget or discredit what my job is providing for me and her, but I should not accept complacency or cease to strive to better myself.  I may certainly have a good job, but it is not the "best" job (and especially not the best job for me, personally).  There is a career out there for me somewhere, perhaps in fields I've yet to experience.

I should not look down on my present, but in turn look forward and upward toward my future.  It may be difficult or even arduous at times, but nobody ever said life was "easy."  In fact, they've all said it was hard.


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