Drifting Between the Seams

My boarded ship of dreams sets sail
And I find myself so silently
Drifting between the seams of this tempered reality

Where solemn eyes see quietly
The isles of coulds, and woulds, and shoulds
But without wheel this ship means well
Floating aimless as can be
An unknown destination awaiting me

The salty air splashes bitterly,
But I have already escaped its sweet embrace
Down below in chambers deep
Where mind crashes against body sleep
With hands too weak to feebly grasp
And feet too scared to move on past
I lie anchored to this vessel's mast

Daybreak wakes
And upon these tired shoulders stands
The stumbling figure of a man
With foggy mind and cloudy dreams
A husk that's travelled through the seams
Distant memories like weighted chain
Where worrisome burden has been lain
His footfalls sound so carefully
As mirrored self begins its voyage across reality


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